Stacking Stones are designed to contain your pet's ashes and may be discretely placed in your home or garden. Stacking Stones are a series of urns that can be arranged to form a burial memorial for your much-loved pet. Create any combination from the individual stones for your personalised memorial. The organic shape allows you to cradle the urn in your hand. Each Stacking Stone comes with a stainless steel disc for inscribing a special message.

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Size:Variety of sizes and combinations available
Colour:White (Black and Marble available on request).
InfoStacks are manufactured as one urn.
InfoMade from vitrified ceramic.
InfoDesigned and manufactured in Australia
Directions:1. Engrave your message on included disc.
2. Seal urn with disc using araldite glue.

Small Stone Medium Stone Large Stone Extra Large Stone Small Stack Large Stack Keepsake Group of Stones

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Small Stone Small Stone - White$100.00
Medium Stone Medium Stone - White$110.00
Large Stone Large Stone - White$120.00
d Extra Large Stone - White$145.00
Small Stack Small Stack - White$156.00
Large Stack Large Stack - White$180.00
n Keepsake$40.00
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